New View Learning Center provides programs for people needing or wanting to address issues such as anger management, domestic violence, parenting, co-parenting after divorce, stress management as well as other personal development programs.

Our program focus is on creating an optimum learning environment that creates enough support so participants can embrace the challenge of recognizing new perspectives and applying new tools to their situation.

While each situation is unique to the individual, we have developed an evidence based structure that encompasses multiple presentation styles, making learning, change and application of materials easier for most students.

Our facilitators bring over 30 years of experience to the class room as well as in depth knowledge of the field of psycho-social education.  As trainers, we are dedicated to staying current with all the latest research on life skills especially the advancements provided from neuroscience in better understanding the impact of the brain on our behaviors.

Students can expect to be treated with respect and dignity in a safe environment of confidentiality.  They can also expect lessons to include group discussions, role playing activities, movies and videos, interactive activities and dyads. We do require participants to do homework each week applying the tools they learn in class.