Anger Management: The goal of anger management is not to eliminate anger completely: that isn’t possible, since it’s a natural human emotion. Rather, the objective is to control and direct your anger – so that it doesn’t control you, or damage an important relationship or situation.  Gain the skills and self awareness to do just that, manage your anger and have less anger to manage.  Learn to change negative thoughts while gaining important communication skills.

Co-Parenting for Healthy Families: The goals are to master the skills and attitudes needed to cooperate with the other parent. The class addresses the parental anxiety and anger that limits parents’ teamwork in raising their children. Parents learn and practice skills that reduce conflict and solve new or ongoing problems within the family. Topics include accountability, setting limits, showing respect, giving up control and revenge, and other concerns that arise during the separation process and beyond.

Domestic Violence Intervention Program:
We have separate classes for men and women
Our goal is to give you the tools you need to change negative behaviors into positive behaviors.
This class assists the in developing the self awareness to quickly achieve greater anger management through the use of a clear emotional control plan. Participants learn more about the causes of violence, the use of violence to attempt to control another’s behavior, and to accountability for the impact of their violence. Participants can expect to learn greater understanding of the mental processes of anger, strategies to reduce feelings of anger, ability to recognize and challenge unproductive beliefs, conflict resolution, and improved communication skills.

Parenting Class (12 Week): (These classes cover all age ranges from young children to teens)
Each parent wants to raise their child to be healthy and safe. Yet, no child comes with a manual and every child is different! This 12 week Court Approved Parenting Class will give you all of the tools necessary to help you to be the best parent ever! Topics: Dealing with a Strong Willed Child; When Personalities Clash; How to Get My Child to Listen; Helping My Child Through A Divorce; Bedtime; Anger Management; Nurturing the Best in My Child; Techniques To Growing A Healthy Child; Those Terrible Twos; and, Teenager Years.

Parenting Class (52 Week): 
(These classes cover all age ranges from young children to teens)
This class meets or exceeds the educational standards set forth in PC 1201.73 and the Welfare and Institutions Code 16507.7. The course includes units on the impact of domestic violence on children, the impact of substance abuse on the family, anger management, non-violent discipline and communication, developmental needs of children from birth to age 18, protecting kids from predators, ADHD, nutrition, money management, and more.