Our Team

Jeanine CowanJeanine Cowan: Ms. Cowan has worked as a violence prevention specialist since 2003. She holds certifications in Domestic Violence Intervention, Anger Management for Adults, Anger Management for Teens, Relationship Management, True Colors and Training and Development from UCSC Extension.  Since 2000, she has been a trainer and a train the trainer for the National Coalition Building Training Institute, an organization dedicated to ending oppression.  For two years she served as a facilitator for Community Matters leading numerous two day trainings for students ages 9 to 19 on ending bullying in their schools.  Additionally, she implemented a violence prevention curriculum in 13 middle schools in Oakland, CA. She has worked in the field of diversity awareness, prejudice reduction, and building cultural competency since 1993.  Her additional experience includes DBT, EBT, and CBT training, leadership development programs for specific populations, diversity training workshops for community coordinators in international housing units, job search classes, workplace social skills development, and stress management. She has a MS degree in Education from Colorado State University.


Chilone ImageChilone Payton: Ms. Payton holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Ashford University and a Master’s degree in Psychology from Northcentral University.  Additionally, she is a retired City Commissioner to the Department of Transportation for Grandview, Missouri and a former Sport’s Publicist.  Ms. Payton has an extensive service record and has volunteered her time to many charitable, advocacy, and non-profit organizations.  Furthermore, she has penned an advice column for NC Magazine, an online women’s periodical out of Atlanta, GA.  Moreover, Chilone Payton is a 3-category ranking Semi-pro NPC Figure Athlete.  Presently, Chilone Payton serves as a Psycho-social Educational Facilitator for New View Learning Center and an Adjunct Instructor for an area Monterrey County College. New educational pursuit. She is pursuing her Ph.D. in Human and Social Services. Ms. Payton believes that behaviors mean something, requisites for change include awareness and a plan and that courage involves moving forward, in spite of how one may feel, as this is the core of being progressive and well-functioning.



Serena head shotSerena Federman: Ms. Federman has worked as an adult and youth educator for over fifteen years. She holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Biology and Environmental Studies from the University of California Santa Cruz and a Master’s in Public Policy from the Leon Panetta Institute at California State University Monterey Bay. Ms. Federman has experience in interpreting complicated concepts and facilitating personal behavior change in the areas of marine conservation, science education, organizational management and financial literacy, as well as experience as a fitness and yoga instructor. She is especially passionate about prevention policy and helping people reach their full potential in order to make our community stronger and safer—by strengthening our connections to the natural world, each other and our mind and body. Ms. Federman is a mother of three and has experience in positive discipline and non-violent communication techniques as well.  Serena is a certified in Domestic Violence Intervention Facilitator at New View Learning Center.


Snapshot_20140804Scott Maxwell: Mr. Maxwell has been in the business management and customer service field for over three decades. He is a certified facilitator of Anger Management and a certified facilitator of Domestic Violence Intervention. He has degrees in accounting, computer service specialist, and system network management.